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The Grange garden is in great hands!

Being an avid outdoors person, it was no surprise resident Bev Wood has been head keeper of The Grange’s communal herb and vege garden for the past three years.

Bev said, “The garden has been created for all residents to take clippings off and use in their cooking, all just for the cost of a coin donation to keep the garden alive and growing.

“Some of the favourite items I see residents using include silverbeet, summer lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, and oregano, basil and parsley.

“They love to make salads, frittata with eggs and silverbeet or greens and chilli fried up quickly,” she said.

Bev’s garden was a major feature in the Better Homes and Gardens TV segment with Graham lending a hand and inviting her grandchildren in to help plant more colour in the newly positioned herb and vege raised garden beds.

“My daughter’s really pleased to see me living here, she sees me glowing and busy doing things and I’m extremely happy. Moving in here I made a whole lot of friends and I really enjoy the lifestyle.

Lifestyle living is lovely, it’s a real little community and reminds me as a kid where you used to know all your neighbours and you can chat to them and wave to them. It’s friendly, it’s what I really like about it,” Bev.

Well done on your gardening achievements and thanks being such a wonderful part of the community, Bev!

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