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Top tips to consider when downsizing

If you’re transitioning out of full-time work and planning the next chapter of your life but don’t know where to start, we hear you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Picture the life you want

Do this by asking yourself the following questions: What do you love about where and how you currently live? What don’t you love? What would you like to spend less time doing or stop doing? Once you’ve pictured what your life could look and feel like, the way forward may become clearer.

2. Do your research

Planning your future may seem daunting, with endless sources to research. It’s important to take the time you need. Start by reading advice from trustworthy industry experts. Ask friends and family to help if it’s an option for you.

3. Assess what you can afford

Calculate how much you’ll need to enjoy the lifestyle you want, then assess the funds at your disposal. If you could unlock the equity in your family home, how much would you need to open the door to a brand new lifestyle? Seeking advice from an independent financial advisor can help with this.

4. Consider and understand your options

Consider your options and understand the key differences between them so you can make informed, confident decisions and take control of your future.

There are a range of options for Australians transitioning out of full time work and looking for a relaxed, independent way of life. One of those is land lease living.

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Ingenia Lifestyle is a pioneer in land lease living, having delivering and operated land lease communities across the East Coast of Australia for the last decade.  Land lease living is continuing to grow in popularity with downsizers with good reason. It’s a financially secure option for independent and active over 50s and over 55s with a simple and transparent operating model.

When you buy a home in a land lease community, you own the home and rent the land it’s on, saving money on upfront costs and government stamp duty fees.  As a resident you won’t pay rates, strata or body corporate fees, or an exit or refurbishment fee upon exit. Plus, you keep 100% of any capital growth and your home becomes part of your estate, a willable asset to bequeath to family and loved ones.

Discover the Ingenia difference in one of our unique communities along east coast of Australia, each one in a nature-rich location; by the sea, on the coast, surrounded by bush or peaceful hinterland. Whether you’re in the market for an established home in an existing community, a brand-new home in a new project, or off the plan in one of our exciting new developments, there’s sure to be an Ingenia community just right for you.  

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