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VIP Buyers Archer’s Run Hard Hat Tour

We recently held our very first Hard Hat Tour for our VIP Buyers at Archer’s Run.  With homes in the Brightwood Neighbourhood starting construction, it was a fabulous opportunity for our first residents to see our most innovative community taking shape.  The experience was truly remarkable, and witnessing many of our founding residents envisioning their future neighborhood and the location of their dream home was immensely gratifying for us.
Due to the bustling construction activity onsite, we conducted the tour from the comfort of our community bus, ensuring the safety for all buyers.

Residents were able to drive through the front entrance of the community and experience the views towards Serenity Lake and the future Clubhouse locations.   The bus then took residents towards Brightwood Neighbourhood where residents could view their own homesite where their dream home will soon become reality.
To attend one of our future Hard Hard Tours, please contact Breanna Salkeld on 0455 522 064.