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The real reason why Ingenia Lifestyle is the healthy choice

From better health and wellbeing to increasing your life span and better social connection, living in an over 55s community can enrich your life in ways you may not yet have imagined… 

These days, retirement means different things to different people. You may still be working full or part time or volunteering in your community. Or maybe it’s time to take that class or trip you dreamed of before other responsibilities took over.

Regardless, this next, rewarding phase of life offers the opportunity to spend more time with friends, family and loved ones while exploring new things, like expanding your social circle and finding your true tribe.

An ongoing benefit of moving to an over 55s community is knowing you’re surrounded by friendly neighbours. It’s not unusual for neighbours to become friends, and for those friends to feel more like family.

Research has found that having a strong network of friends is key to boosting your lifespan. An Australian study of the retirement living sector found that seniors who live in intentional communities’ experience benefits to their health and wellbeing, including fewer visits to hospitals, a reduction in the frequency of GP visits and better mental health.

The peace of mind that goes hand in hand with living in a community embodies this idea; you may not see your neighbours every day, but you know they’re there looking out for you, because you’re looking out for them. And knowing people care about you is one of the greatest joys of all.

Having friends available to experience life with, to have fun, get active and explore your surroundings, means there’s always something to look forward to.

If you’re thinking about what to do next, moving to a place that’s intentionally designed to enrich your social life and wellbeing may provide the answer.

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