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Buying and selling a home in an over 55s community
Fees and costs
Ownership & legislation
  • Do I own my own home in a land lease community?

    Yes. Ingenia over 55s communities operate under the land lease model, which means you own your own home but lease the land it’s on. The land lease ownership model is supported by government regulations and legislation with strong levels of protection for homeowners.

    Also see our Community Living section to learn more about the land lease model.

  • What is a disclosure statement?

    Upon selecting a home, homeowners are provided with a disclosure statement outlining the community and operator details, site fees and utilities, services and facilities and the safety and security measures offered.

    If you choose to proceed with the sale, you enter into a site agreement.

  • What is a site agreement?

    A site agreement is a reflection of the key terms outlined in the disclosure statement and the rights and obligations of both the homeowner and the operator. This agreement offers a high level of protection and can’t be terminated at a whim of the operator.

  • How secure is my site agreement?

    Residential tenure is protected by State Residential Land Lease Communities legislation. The owner of the community is required to honour all the pursuant obligations and provisions. The agreement can’t be terminated as a matter of course or just at a whim of the owner / operator.

    Learn more here or ask your Community Sales Manager for more detailed information.

Rent assistance and the pension
  • Will I be eligible for rent assistance?

    Residential site fees are claimable under the Rental Assistance arrangements. Your individual eligibility for this allowance will be determined by Centrelink and will be based on your individual circumstances.

    You can determine your eligibility via the Services Australia website.

  • What will happen to my pension?

    Moving to a lifestyle community may affect your pension and rental assistance entitlements but for most people, the only change is an increase in overall payments when they become eligible for rent assistance, if they are not already.

The homes
  • Does a guarantee or warranty come with my home?

    Every Ingenia Lifestyle home comes with a minimum six-year structural warranty in accordance with State regulatory requirements. The structural warranty passes down to new owners of pre-owned homes.

    Be sure to check out our new homes for sale and pre-owned homes. Or if you have a destination in mind, see the full list of our exceptional over 55s communities.

  • What builder do you use to build the homes?

    The builders used for homes and facilities vary by community.

    All builders go through a stringent tender process to assess financial capacity, ESG capability and quality control measures. HIA contracts are put in place with each builder.

    Contact the community you are interested in for more information.

  • What materials are the homes constructed from?

    While home materials vary by State, homes are typically constructed with either steel or timber frames and include Colorbond roofs and lightweight external cladding.

    All Ingenia Lifestyle homes are constructed to meet Class 1a building standards as set by the BCA.

    Contact the community you are interested in for more information.

  • Can I choose the colour scheme in my new home?

    In some cases, customers buying a brand-new, off-the-plan home can choose an internal colour scheme.

    Contact the Sales Team at your community of interest to find out more.

  • What changes can I make to my home?

    Most communities have guidelines around changes to home façades to ensure the ongoing protection and maintenance of the community streetscape. As a result, any change requests will require approval by the Community Manager.

    Residents can make internal changes to their home without consent.

    Contact the team at your community of interest to find out more.

  • Can I decorate the front of my home?

    Whilst we encourage residents to make their backyards their own, no changes are allowed to front yards or gardens to retain the overall aesthetic and streetscape of the community.

  • Can I plant my own plants in the front garden?

    In order to retain the overall aesthetic and value of the community streetscape, residents are not usually permitted to make alterations or additions to their front yard and are required to keep the original plants on the site.

    The addition of any new plants or shrubs requires written approval from the Community Manager.

Community living
  • Can I have visitors such as family and friends stay with me?

    Yes. Residents are welcome to host friends and relatives, and guests are welcome to use community facilities. Consent from the community manager should be sought for extended stays.

    To find out what it’s like living in our communities, check out our Community Living section.

  • Are your communities pet friendly?

    Most of our communities are pet friendly. Rules and standards can vary between communities so be sure to contact the relevant community for details. To see the full list, be sure to see our Pet Friendly Communities page.

    To find out what it’s like living in our communities check out our Community Living section.

  • Who maintains the shared grounds and facilities?

    The community operator maintains all shared grounds and facilities.

  • Do common areas and facilities cater for mobility challenged residents?

    Our communities are designed to be accessible for all residents, including those who have reduced mobility.

    Accessible design principals have been applied to the streetscape, gutters, pathways, home entries and shared facilities.

    Contact the team at your community of interest to find out more.

  • What is the Community Manager responsible for?

    The Community Manager is the day to day contact for any issues during business hours and is responsible for the general management of the community.

  • Are resident activities and events free?

    Many of our communities offer an organised calendar of social events through our Activate program in addition to events organised by community groups and social committees.

    While some of these will be complimentary, some are offered on a user-pays basis.

    Contact the relevant community team for more information.

    See our Lifestyle Benefits and Resident Benefits pages to learn more.

  • Will there be a care package if I need one?

    Ingenia Lifestyle offers its residents assistance with coordinating federal and State in-home care packages. All residents are encouraged to take advantage of Ingenia Connect, our complimentary wellbeing service, offering tailored health and wellbeing advice and assistance coordinating external in-home care packages.

  • Can I choose my own electricity provider?

    Most of our communities operate on an embedded electricity network, which is a private electricity network managed by Ingenia. Ingenia buys electricity in bulk from a provider and on-sells the electricity to residents in the community.

    You do have the choice of opting for your own electricity provider, however you would be responsible for any additional charges associated with the connection and service and may still incur network charges from Ingenia.

    For more information contact the relevant Community Manager.

  • Can I choose my own gas provider?

    All of Ingenia’s new or upcoming communities are gas-free or electric-only communities.

    In our existing communities offering gas, some residents arrange gas provision directly with approved retailers.
    A few of our existing communities provide gas connection via an embedded gas network, in which case Ingenia would on charge residents for usage. Similar to electricity provision, residents have the option of choosing their own provider and are therefore responsible for any additional charges associated with connection and service.

    For more information contact the relevant Community Manager.

About Ingenia Lifestyle
  • Who owns Ingenia Lifestyle?

    Ingenia Lifestyle is owned by Ingenia Communities. In operation for 10 years and listed on the Australian Stock exchange, Ingenia Communities has grown into one of Australia’s leading providers of over 55s communities, rental communities, and holiday parks.

    Learn more about Ingenia Lifestyle.

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