Lakeside Lara | Resident Stories

Residents embrace National Neighbour Day everyday

On Sunday 31 March, Australians came together for Neighbour Day in a bid to get to know each other better and reflect on how they can prevent loneliness in their own communities.

For Ingenia Lifestyle Lara residents the core values of Neighbour Day are something that’s created everyday through their social club and the community’s Be Active program – offering a range of free activities designed to bring residents together to create a stronger, more connected community.

Social Club President, Judith Prigg, said the social club and Be Active program acted as the unofficial welcoming committee at the community, providing ongoing support to new residents to prevent feelings of loneliness.

“We have a range of activities including pub meals, water aerobics, trivia nights, bingo, barbecues and party nights with live music.

“Going to these events gives us an opportunity to meet the new residents and be a friendly face when they move in – Neighbour Day really is a timely reminder of how important these little things really are,” Judith said.

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