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Recycling scheme kick-starts new community projects

Environmentally-savvy residents at Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines have embraced the recent Containers for Change recycling scheme in South East Queensland.

In a bid to raise money for a range of social wellbeing projects residents have also been doing their bit for a litter-free environment while bringing the community together and their combined skill sets to raise money for local projects, including a community garden.

Local resident and active member of the collection team, Tony Lavis, said everyone in the community had helped in their own way to kick-start the recycling initiative.

“It’s been great to see everyone doing their bit – we have been able to share the workload and we have gotten to know each other better as neighbours.

“Our resident carpenter, Ross, built the boxes we store the containers in, the ladies from the Social Club painted them and everyone is happy on the different projects,” Tony said.

The concept of recycling for a cash incentive was not new to the residents, with many sharing a passion for recycling since they were children.

“As a child I can remember getting three cents a bottle at the football. You could get money for milk bottles and a penny for a pound of newspaper at the fish and chip shop.

“This scheme is great as it encourages people to put in the extra effort to recycle and gives children an opportunity to earn some extra pocket money, just like we used to when we were younger.”

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