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Q&A With Ingenia Lifestyle Lara Residents

Andrew and Chris Matthews have lived at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara for 18 months and share their thoughts, experiences and what life is like now they live in a lifestyle-oriented community.

Why did you decided to make the move to Ingenia Lifestyle Lara? Where were you beforehand?
We have been living at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara for about 18 months. We used to live in Bell Park which is closer to Geelong but still only 15kms away. One day we heard about Ingenia Lifestyle Lara and decided to give them a go. The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating and we couldn’t have asked for nicer people to deal with during the transition, they were absolutely marvellous!

What’s life like after downsizing?
Before downsizing we were sort of in a rut without realising and needed a change. We were set on the idea of village life and thought it would be nice and about time we downsized. We didn’t realise what a great opportunity it would be. It is really good to clear everything out and you feel like you no longer have this great weight on your shoulders.

What’s your new home like?
We have a 2-bedroom house. Even though we have downsized there is still plenty of room and we have a really nice alfresco area that we enjoy using. We love the security that we feel in our home. Being a gated community, with extremely helpful staff that are always available and willing to help, it really makes you feel secure.

Why is Ingenia Lifestyle Lara a great place to live? What do you love about it?
It is just beautiful! We love everything about it.  We love the lake, the gardens, parks and the open spaces and we have always thought that the club house is really beautiful.

All the people in the village couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. Even when you don’t know someone too well they are always friendly and no one is too intrusive. We think it is just a great small community. We have made heaps of great friends since living at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara.

It is great that the village always looks so lovely with all of the front yards maintained by Ingenia Lifestyle. We think the location is great too. As we both still work, it is nice and convenient for both of us and we are only 45 minutes from Melbourne for a day out.

Does your family visit?
We have one grandson and he often comes and stays with us, he has his own room in the house. We have just had him this past weekend so that his parents could take the opportunity to have a weekend to themselves. Lots of our neighbours have their grandchildren come and stay which is really great too. Our daughter also lives in the township and we really wanted to be near her.

What’s your favourite things to do at Ingenia Lifestyle Lara?
We really like the gardens and the BBQ area. We love the clubhouse and we love, love, love the pool. Andrew is part of the Garden Group and we run and look after a community garden in the village growing vegetables that we then sell within the village. The profits from what we sell then go back into the garden and its expansion.

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