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Les and Chris share how they’ve started living

Freshwater residents Les and Chris found themselves in the Burpengary East community after downsizing from their large, four-bedroom Kallangur home and couldn’t be happier with their decision to make the move.

“We love the area, the homes, and most importantly, we love the freedom we have where we can lock up and leave to travel for a few months, knowing the place will be safe.”

“The home we were originally living in just got too much, the gardens were a lot to maintain, and we didn’t need the four bedrooms for just the two of us. Our new home is a great size, and we can still do some gardening here in a more manageable way.”

The couple enjoy the many offerings the Ingenia Lifestyle community provides, with Les able to rediscover a long-lost musical passion from the past.

“I love to play the guitar! When I was 17, I was in a little high school band. I hadn’t played much since then until about two years ago when I picked it back up again here. We ended up getting a band together with some of the other musically minded residents. It’s a rock band called The Recycled Delinquents,” Les said.

“We’ve got three guitarists, drummer, keyboard player, two singers in the band too, so the place is busy. We practice a couple of times a week.”
Chris also said there is lots to do within the community, with events and activities suited to everyone.

“You’ll never be bored here! There’s great facilities and activities including darts, crafts, singing, the library, happy hour every Friday afternoon – you name it and it’s probably happening here!”

“You get to meet so many good people who have done a lot of interesting things in their lives and you have the freedom to be as sociable as you like. We have line dancing, country music nights and events like Christmas and ANZAC Day celebrations to attend if you desire.”

“It’s a very, very friendly community. You know, you go for a walk around in the afternoon. There’s always someone that will say hello. Les and I are very happy with our decision to move here!”