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Ingenia Lifestyle Residents Save on Stamp Duty

With home ownership viewed as an investment for the future, for some pensioners, downsizing the family home could be a crucial factor to free up much needed funds and retain financial independence.

Over 55s finance expert and author Rachel Lane said seniors could still re-evaluate their finances and think about what lifestyle changes could better prepare them for the future.

“Downsizing to free up assets maximises finances and by being fully aware of these options, over 55s may find themselves better off.”

When Ingenia Lifestyle resident Raelene Baillie decided to downsize, she didn’t realise how much time and money she would save.

“When I decided to make the move from Western Australia to be closer to my daughter, I considered a wide variety of housing options, including private rental, seniors’ communities and even a granny flat,” Ms Baillie said.

“In the end, nothing else provided me the security, lifestyle and independence that Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines offers, and not paying stamp duty fees saved me a considerable amount of money.

“I have plans to travel more now I’m retired, and downsizing has not only freed up equity to allow me to do so, living in a gated community gives me the security to know my home and belongings are safe while I’m away.

“I thought when I retired I would have plenty of time, but I don’t have enough hours in the day to look after a yard as well,” Ms Baillie said.

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