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The Five Question Pension Asset Test

With more than 350,000 Australian pensioners’ hip pockets expected to be hit once Aged Pension asset test changes come into effect on 1st January 2017, its vital seniors review their income and asset mix to maximise their finances for the years ahead.

Over 55s finance expert and author Rachel Lane said now was an opportune time for seniors to re-evaluate their finances and think about what lifestyle changes could better prepare them for the future.

“Those with assets above the new thresholds are likely to see their pension reduced – and those whose assets exceed the new cut off limit will lose their pension entirely.

“Downsizing to free up assets maximises finances and by being fully aware of these options, outside of the Aged Pension, over 55s may find themselves better off.”

When Ingenia Lifestyle resident Raelene Baillie decided to downsize, she didn’t realise how much time and money she would save.

“Now that I’ve downsized, I just have a few pots in the garden which are nice and easy to look after, it just frees up so much of my time. The lifestyle also frees up a lot of money for travel – I can just pack up and go.” Ms Baillie said.

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