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Creating community connections

Ingenia Lifestyle Lara Project Sales Manager, Dianna McGrath has always connected with the Lara community through youth groups, school sports, and local activities and committees.

She has been a member of the Lara Chamber of Commerce for more than two years and has been on the local food and wine festival committee to help drive tourism to the region.

However the most recent connection she had a hand in was in her own community, occurring between two new residents, Faye Youla and Pam Youren.

“They moved in about the same time and were both nervous. After the introduction to each other now they are the best of friends, inseparable, like Thelma and Louise,” Dianna said.

Faye said since moving into the community everything is falling into place and she couldn’t be happier.

“I moved to Ingenia Lifestyle Lara in October last year and am so glad that I did – the community makes me feel so comfortable and safe living on my own. When I moved into the community, everyone was just so friendly and welcoming, especially Pam.

“Pam moved into Lara around the same time as me, and we just clicked right away – Dianna is right she is the Thelma to my Louise,” Faye explains.

For Pam, it took her a few visits before making the decision to move in.

“Coming into the community and seeing how friendly everyone was made me fall in love with the community even more.