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The Downsizer Toolkit

Australia is experiencing a tidal wave of over 50s considering their future but are stuck grappling with making the right decision. If you’re over 50 and unsure of what’s next, don’t worry you’re not alone.

Your road map to downsizing starts here! 

Included in Downsizer Toolkit is:

  • The downsizer road map
  • The five critical questions
  • Self-assess your finances
  • Explore the options
The must have toolkit for downsizers The must have toolkit for downsizers
Have you crunched the numbers?

Many seniors are struggling to fund a comfortable retirement. Have you crunched the numbers on what you can afford to do next? The Downsizer Toolkit can help you understand where you sit on the downsizer timeline to get started on your journey.

Here’s some other number crunching we’ve done for you:

  • Income: Are you intending to retire soon? The Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data reports only 13% of Australian’s over 65 are still working. Are you in an occupation or a workforce that will support you a little longer if you choose to?
  • Superannuation: Four out of five seniors have less than $100,000 in superannuation
  • Pension: The age limit to access the pension is rising and with the average age pension now sitting at $36,301, the ASFA Super Guide tell us it’s just over half what the average Australian couple needs to fund a comfortable retirement ($61,061)
  • Mortgage: Current ABS data showed 82% of older Australians own their homes outright with no mortgage, which is great news for downsizers looking to access equity to fund their golden years!
  • Investments: Roy Morgan’s Wealth Report says a slowing economy leads to diminished superannuation and investment balances for Australians heading towards retirement. Traditional estimates of the amount required to retire were not designed for near 0% interest rates.

Don’t let these big challenges face you on your downsizing journey, download our Downsizer Toolkit and make a move to living a more comfortable retirement.

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Ingenia Lifestyle is a leading developer of over 50s communities across the east coast of Australia. We create communities, places where you feel a sense of belonging and independence to unlock more fun and freedom for your future.

Our innovative land lease ownership model enables downsizers to purchase a brand new home and lease the land, offering a more affordable upfront price point. There’s no stamp duty to pay and no exit or deferred management fees allowing residents to keep 100% of any capital gains and more money in your pocket.

This toolkit is part of our commitment to helping Australian downsizers and seniors to make informed decisions about their downsizing journey and lifestyle in retirement.  Downsizing to an Ingenia Lifestyle community has been the right choice for over 3,600 people; it could be the right choice for you too!

Ingenia Lifestyle award winning over 55s lifestyle communities with NO EXIT FEE Model Ingenia Lifestyle award winning over 55s lifestyle communities with NO EXIT FEE Model