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When it’s this much fun, nobody is in a pickle!

With a pickleball court soon to be a popular feature at Parkside Lucas as part of the $11 million state-of-the-art Community Clubhouse precinct development, a top priority for residents and guests is learning how to play pickleball.

Thankfully, the friendly folk at the Ballarat Pickleball Association joined our come and try event to show the Parkside Lucas community how it’s done.

With 80 guests rallying for the fun at the Ballarat Badminton Stadium, including current and future Parkside Lucas residents and friends, the event was a smash hit!

And with all that action on court, having Ballarat local and celebrity Masterchef Tim Bone serve his famous toasties was the final ace of the day.

“It’s always fantastic to see our residents and guests enjoying themselves, and it was especially great seeing the fun of pickleball, because we’ll be able to play all the time once our own courts open early next year as part of our beautiful new spaces,” said Parkside Lucas Sales Manager Karen Eaton.

In addition to pickleball courts, the new Parkside Lucas Community Clubhouse and resort-style facilities will provide a plethora of gathering and activity spaces, including an indoor pool and gym, bowling green and croquet, billiards room, lounge areas with fireplaces, an art studio and library, and a spacious kitchen with shared dining and events area.

Our Come and Try Pickleball event is an example of the fun resident and guest occasions run at Parkside Lucas, with this year’s successful Bake-Off event recipes now forming part of a charity cook-book.

If you would like to join our residents and friends at our next social event or tour our friendly community, feel free to reach out to Karen on 0467 946 339, or pop into our sales office between Monday-Saturday 10am – 4pm.

We’d love to have you.