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The Flexibility and the Freedom of the First Choice Club

For many downsizers, the number one unknown can come from the question around where their next place of residence will be.

It can be a confusing time for a downsizer to work out where to move next and how to pay for it, as their equity is tied up in their asset, the existing home.

However, an increasingly popular choice for downsizers is Ingenia Lifestyle’s award-winning land lease ownership model, where purchasers own their home, but lease the land.

The more affordable upfront purchase price helps downsizers to protect their financial security, improve their wellbeing and contribute to an improved lifestyle.

The flexible purchasing process is just another one of the benefits that has assisted Ingenia Lifestyle in becoming the leading innovator in the over 55s community market.

Plantations Project Sales Manager, Piere Kelly said, the First Choice Club is an easy way for downsizers to secure a brand new home and get VIP priority access in selecting their preferred home design.

“There is one initial deposit, kept low at $1,000, which is fully refundable at any time during the sales process, right up to settlement if they need to.

“The client is allowed three months to prepare their existing home for sale and settlement, with a time extension if required.

“This is particularly important for those downsizers who may face a property market with longer days on the market while allowing them more security in knowing they have reserved their next place of residence,” Piere said.

To ease the burden, upon settlement of their old home, the remaining funds may be used to finalise the remaining purchase of their new home, which eliminates any ‘progress payments’ normally found in a traditional home building contract.

This choice, control and flexibility allows Ingenia Lifestyle to work in with the downsizer’s timeline offering them more peace of mind and comfortable in this apprehensive time of their life.

Where this process has worked particularly well is in the case of Plantations deposit holder, Susanne Mercanti of Sydney.

“I loved the idea of Plantations and the land lease model from the word go, so much so, I was the first one to ever deposit on the project.

“However, the timing for me didn’t work out,” she said.

Susanne’s apartment building, located in a beach-side Sydney location, had to go through extensive external renovations.

The strata title ownership meant every owner in the entire building had to agree on the plans and the costs, so her initial sale she had on her apartment fell through, which meant so did her plans to move to Plantations.

“It was upsetting to lose the opportunity, I have wanted to get out of Sydney for a very long time.

“The renovations have now started and I have now placed a new deposit on a home at Plantations and I am about to go again.

“At the time, everyone was telling me I’ve lost my money and won’t be getting the deposit back, however the freedom that comes with Ingenia Lifestyle meant I received my entire deposit back.

“Everyone at Ingenia have all been absolutely fabulous. This is the reason why everyone loves working for Ingenia, because you think about the people moving in – rather than yourselves.

“There were no arguments or complications and that’s what makes a difference,” Susanne explains.

With stage three and four homes close to selling out, Susanne has re-joined the First Choice Club and reserved the Rhone home design in stage five, which will be ready to move in to by May 2020.

“I am hoping to finish the renovations in February or March and then place the apartment on the market, as soon as it’s sold I can start doing more of the things for me – and that starts with Plantations!

“It’s not just the brand new homes, it’s the lifestyle that comes with it. I can’t wait to live near the beach, near Coffs Harbour, having coffees and chats and using all the new community facilities.