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Ready, set, dive!

With 34,000 kilometres of coastline at our backdoor, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to world class scuba diving destinations.

Depending on the season, you can dive with any manner of sea creature from whales, dolphins and sharks to turtles, stingrays and more fish species than you can count. There are also unique opportunities to explore ancient shipwrecks, bright coral reefs and waters every shade of blue and green.

The popular underwater hobby also has many health and wellbeing benefits.

As you move through the water during a dive, your muscles work harder than they would if you were on land. The water and current create resistance and, the more you dive and swim, the more your muscles lengthen, build strength and develop endurance and flexibility.

Working all your muscles simultaneously during a dive gives you a complete cardiovascular workout, which is great for improving heart health and increasing bone density. Studies indicate that those who dive regularly are less prone to strokes and heart attacks.

Diving is also a great stress reliever, helping to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Like the effects of meditation, breathing slowly and deeply while diving induces a calm state. While diving, you focus on the underwater environment, and your mind drifts away from the worries of the day. This helps to lower stress and balance the nervous system.

With so many recreational, health and wellbeing benefits, many over 50s are tempted by the idea of scuba diving. However, beginners may be hesitant to dip their toe in the diving world in case the deep-sea activity is too far outside their comfort zone.

The good news is it’s never too late to learn how to scuba dive. All ages can do it and the best part of all is no experience is necessary.


Diving in and around the Redlands

Victoria Point is one of a cluster of bayside villages in Southern Moreton Bay, giving Seachange Victoria Point residents easy access to multiple scuba diving locations close to home.

Popular dive sites can be found at nearby Coochiemudlo, Peel and Goat islands, and the local passenger ferry regularly takes locals to Coochie, as it is known.

Several dive schools offer courses for divers of all ages and skill levels in Brisbane and the Redlands.

Redland Sport Divers is a local club offering a variety of underwater activities and sports, including scuba diving.

Based in the Redlands, the team dives on sites from the HMAS Brisbane on the sunshine coast to the Tweed River on the Gold Coast. It also offers drift dives along the Gold Coast Seaway and “Clean Up” dives on Stradbroke Island. To find out about Redland Sport Divers’ organised diving and training options, visit the website.

Could scuba be for you? Why not take a dive out of your comfort zone and find out!