News | Seachange Victoria Point

Pointing in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle

Lush, relaxed, and great amenities are just some of the pleasant thoughts that instantly come to mind when driving into Victoria Point, soon to be home to the latest Seachange Lifestyle Resort.

Around 30 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD, it is a clear favourite for over 50s looking to a bright future as they move into their retirement years.

With singles and couples from across Australia already expressing interest in the development, Seachange Victoria Point is set to become the area’s most desirable place to live.

Maintaining good health, fostering strong social connections and having a clear sense of purpose are often at the top of our homeowners’ lists and Victoria Point has a plethora of clubs and community groups right on the new resort’s doorstep!

Bowls is definitely part of the Redland Bay culture with several top clubs in the area including Victoria Point, Redlands, Capalaba, Cleveland and Wellington Point.

Action Indoor Sports Victoria Point has an array of sports on offer including Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Volleyball and Dodgeball.

Members of the Redlands Multi Sports Club can get involved in Fishing, Darts, Buffalo, Bridge and Cricket, while at the Redlands Sporting Club you can connect with a range of affiliated clubs for Bocce, Swimming, Karate and even a Pipes Band.

Golf is a popular sport for Victoria Point locals, with the Redland Bay Golf Club closest to the new Seachange Lifestyle Resort.

For those eager to be armchair sportspeople, the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club has ‘something for everyone’ and is a great place to join with your friends to watch sports on the big screens while having a drink or meal.

Community groups are in abundance with the Redlands RSL, Rotary Club of Redlands Bayside and Redlands Bay Victoria Point Lions Club very active in the local area.

Women’s Walk & Talk – Victoria Point is a combination of fitness and fun, providing women of all ages a safe and confidential space, while walking, talking and connecting to other women, and building stronger communities as they go.