Nature's Edge

Nature’s Edge a cut above the rest

When sisters Adrienne and Ann-Marie began their hairdressing careers in Melbourne 50 years ago, they never imagined their life journey would see them not only living in the same idyllic over 50s community on the Sunshine Coast but also running a boutique onsite salon together.

With decades of experience between them, the award-winning hairdressers are delighted to be looking after the residents’ hair care at Ingenia Lifestyle Nature’s Edge over 50s resort, and they’re having a lot of fun along the way.

“I was about to go into retirement but it sounded like a lot of fun,” says Ann-Marie.

“We get along really well and so we thought why not? What a great way to see out our careers.”

Located at the resort’s beautiful Leisure Centre, the salon offers full hairdressing services for both men and women as well as a fun range of beauty services including waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and manicures.

“People our age usually have a good idea of what they like,” says Adrienne. “I have learnt over the years to interpret shapes and colours that suit our age group.”

Having only opened their doors to residents recently, the dynamic duo are already filling up their appointment book, with residents taking full advantage of having a quality hair salon right on their doorstep.

“We’ve had a great response so far. Everyone has been very supportive,” says Adrienne.

When they are not busy in the salon, the sisters enjoy taking part in all that Ingenia Lifestyle Nature’s Edge has to offer including the beautiful walking tracks, gym, swimming pool, boutique cinema and fun social events.

Having downsized from a large family home in Buderim, Ann-Marie and her husband Michael moved to the lifestyle resort two years ago, with Adrienne and husband Barry joining them a few months ago.

“We came to visit one Friday night and everyone was having drinks on the deck,” says Adrienne.

“I saw a lot of people who had worked hard all their lives and just wanted to enjoy the rest of their lives.

“I saw the camaraderie and the friendship and fun and everyone was just so welcoming.

“They really made a point of including myself and Barry.”

Needless to say, both Ann-Marie and Adrienne are loving life at Ingenia Lifestyle Nature’s Edge and both agree they have to pinch themselves sometimes that things have worked out so well.

“We have so much fun here,” says Adrienne.

“We meet up at the gym every second morning and catch up on all the news, we love working together and we love socialising together.

“We never thought this would happen. It was just about looking for the right opportunities and the right timing in our lives.”


Adrienne and Ann-Marie outside the Leisure Centre at Ingenia Lifestyle Nature’s Edge