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Making the most of lockdown at Sunnylake Shores and Bevington Shores

Residents at Sunnylake Shores and Bevington Shores have been spoilt for choice when it comes to COVID-safe, lockdown-inspired entertainment.

The community teams at the central coast communities have gone above and beyond when it comes to helping residents stay active and engaged during their extended lockdown.


To entertain residents while they were out and about exercising in the community, the team hid ten ‘Wally’ figurines around the community. The first three residents to find all ten Wallys
won a prize.


The Sunnylake Shores Facebook group is being used to post scavenger hunt riddles. The riddles gave clues and hints to hidden ‘treasures’ i.e. gift cards.


The community bingo machine has been put to good use with weekly bingo games via Zoom. Our tech-savvy residents had a laugh playing bingo together coming together from the comfort and safety of their own home with no mask required!

Participants were given the chance to win prizes such as gift cards, chocolates, mugs and beauty products. But of course, the satisfaction of winning is a prize in itself!

Everyone has been having the greatest time connecting with their fellow residents in a COVID-safe way.


What better way to brighten the day of our residents than through sunflowers? All Sunnylake and Bevington Shores residents were gifted their own sunflower growing kit to nurture and grow. In December we will judge participating sunflowers and the winners of the most beautiful flowers will receive a prize.


A big shout out to everyone at Sunnylake Shores and Bevington Shores that has helped make these activities happen. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and we look forward to coming together again soon!