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Lakefront living a shore thing at Sunnylake Shores

A room with a view is no longer a pipedream for downsizers looking to make a sea change during retirement, with affordable lakefront homes at Ingenia Lifestyle Sunnylake Shores attracting major interest from eager buyers.

While Sydney harbourfront homes or properties along the canal come with a sizeable price tag, one provider on New South Wales’ Central Coast is beating the high prices of typical waterfront living and helping Aussies settle into their retirement in style.

The latest release of 19 lakeside homes at Ingenia Lifestyle Sunnylake Shores has proven that a luxury lifestyle and affordability can go hand in hand, with prices starting from just $550,000.

Ingenia Communities Regional Development Manager New South Wales Owen Burnie said a noticeable post-COVID migration to coastal and regional areas led Ingenia Lifestyle to fast-track the release of these homes to meet rising demand for waterfront living.

“Between 2011 and 2016[1], nearly 70,000 Sydney residents migrated to regional areas, making it one of only three Australian capital cities to experience a net loss of population during this time. This trend has only escalated since COVID-19,” Mr Burnie said.

“This regional population shift has created significant demand for affordable retirement options, which is why we’ve released these homes ahead of schedule.”

Retirees Keith and Vicky Walker have always planned to retire to a waterfront home but had concerns around the financial viability of this type of lifestyle, and worried how far they might have to relocate to find options within budget.

“Usually when people move to a waterfront property for retirement, they have to relocate a fair distance from their family home, leaving behind family and friends – that was something we didn’t want to do,” said Mrs Walker.

“When we found Sunnylake Shores, we were so excited to find an affordable option in our area, especially as it means we can continue to easily visit friends and family.

“Being able to achieve our retirement goal of living waterfront while remaining so close to our loved ones will make letting go of our family-home that much easier.

“We’ve been in our current home for about 21 years, it’s where our children and grandchildren have grown up – so being able to stay in this area and secure waterfront views was a major attraction for us.”

The Walkers are one of many interested buyers who have registered as part of the Ingenia Lifestyle First Choice Club to be the first in line to purchase on Sunnylake Shore’s waterfront homes.



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