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Making new friends after 55

In our younger years, there seemed to be almost limitless opportunities to meet new friends, from school, sports clubs and family gatherings, to social dances, events or through work. However, friendships can tend to take a back seat as life gets busier and we put more and more time into building our careers or caring for our families.

Once the kids fly the nest or you slow down or finish at work, it’s not unusual to find yourself feeling a bit lost for company and you might find yourself looking for ways to meet others with similar interests.

Ingenia Lifestyle South West Rocks resident, Rita, admits even though her active days are over she still takes in a lot.

“I play golf two to three times a week and sing and play an organ with the church and Sing Australia Choir and belong to the seniors citizens club, other community groups and attend meetings.

“I have lots of friends here and that’s the main thing, and at this time of life you need a lot of friends of your own age group.

“You may have children but they are all working and don’t have the time to take you to appointments, it’s the friends that do that for you which is really great for South West Rocks.”

If you’re looking to meet new friends, why not try some of these ideas?

Commit to making new friends: It usually takes making a conscious decision to do something different – like seeking out new friendships to actually make a change.

Find a common link: To help break the ice, it’s worth checking with your current friendship groups or family members if they happen to know anyone living in your new locale.

Take part in events: Ingenia Lifestyle hosts a range of events, from charity morning teas and fundraisers to seasonal celebrations and wellness talks to help residents connect with new friends.

Indulge a hobby: Now that you have the time, finding a new hobby or rediscovering an old one, can be a fantastic way to meet others.

Start a morning tea or sundowners club: it could be a great way to start new friendships hosting weekly get-togethers over a casual cuppa, bake club or a cool beverage and nibbles.

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