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Making Holidays More Relaxing at Ingenia

Seasoned campers from Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania have been treated with a lovely visit to sister community, Ingenia Holidays Kingscliff, after they won a prize participating in their community’s charity fundraiser last year.

The gift voucher was part of the inaugural Bethania Christmas Lights Competition, and the winners, Graham and Joan Pickford, used the voucher to stay at Kingscliff, along with another eight couples from Bethania who used their Gold Cards to obtain their discount.

Half of the group also belong to a small Phoenix Caravan Group and suggested they use Ingenia Holidays Kingscliff on the same weekend for their monthly outing.

This resulted in another five caravans joining our happy Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania family for the weekend. Graham and Joan and two other couples booked into the cabins with the others taking their caravans.

All the residents gave nothing but high praise for the staff and management at Kingscliff. Many of them have visited Kingscliff and other tourism parks previously using their Ingenia Gold Card and are now looking forward to visiting our new caravan park in Cairns for the winter.

Bethania residents, Marshall and Mavis Brown, love the Ingenia Gold Card and think it’s a great incentive to encourage them to travel further afield, checking in and out of Ingenia Holidays’ parks rather than booking into other camping facilities.

“Because of the wonderful service from all the Ingenia staff we tell all our friends and travelling acquaintances about Ingenia Holiday and Ingenia Lifestyle.”

“We have already booked back into Kingscliff for the Easter holidays with our two sons and families.”

“Receiving the marketing emails is also a great idea to keep us up to date with what’s happening at Ingenia Holidays and makes us feel like we are part of one big family.”

“Our friends who live in the Bethania community are travelling interstate at the moment received one of the emails which identified a discount at Ingenia Holidays Broulee in NSW. They have now detoured their travels to book in there for two nights!”

“We can’t thank our Bethania community manager, Cheryl, enough for organising the Christmas celebrations and Kurt and his staff at Kingscliff for making our stay a relaxing, enjoyable visit,” Marshall and Mavis said.