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Local knowledge, terrible jokes: Meet your Parkside Lucas Community Manager

When you’ve lived in the area for 35 years, there’s no doubt you’ve amassed a good amount of local knowledge. That’s one of the reasons Clare Irving is the ideal Community Manager for Parkside Lucas.

Although she tends to forget the punchlines of her own jokes, Clare is approachable and always up for a good conversation. In fact, putting aside the paperwork and spending time getting to know the Parkside Lucas residents is what she’s most looking forward to as the temporary clubhouse is readied for opening.

With a background in nursing, aged care and cafe management (she ran one in Lucas itself), Clare prides herself on staying calm under pressure, being reliable, but also bringing an element of fun to anything she does (her friends call her an ‘entertainer’). As the Parkside Lucas Community Manager, she sees customer service as her responsibility.

“I enjoy making people’s day and putting a smile on someone’s face,” she says.

As Parkside Lucas has been developed, Clare’s role has focused on much of the back-end operational elements of running a community. She’s naturally very organised, so you can just imagine what her meticulous planning is like. But she’s looking forward to getting into Parkside Lucas as much as many of the new residents.

“From the beginning, I want to make it a fun and inviting place for our residents. I want them to enjoy it as their own, and I’ll always treat it as their home. I want them to settle in and enjoy the lifestyle and the other residents.”

Clare joined the Parkside Lucas team because she knows how beautiful the area is, and she loves how Ingenia creates a fun and rewarding lifestyle for their residents. She genuinely can’t wait for the residents to move in and make it home.

If you’re keen to chat with Clare, her door is always open. And if you don’t have any Parkside Lucas topics you’d like to discuss, ask her about her beautiful dogs, Archie and Bowie – they’ll definitely get her talking.