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Lifestyle residents having a ball with pre-loved glad rags

The residents at Plantations by Ingenia Lifestyle hit their local op shops to dress up ahead of their evening ball which was held last Friday night.

Dressed to the nines in their pre-loved best, the residents danced the night away, knowing they were supporting the local community.

The community’s social club has worked hard to raise funds to throw a not-to-be-missed event and celebrate life at the ever-growing community.

Brian Conway, President of the Social Club said it was all about saying thank you to the residents for their continuous involvement in the events that the social club organised, as well as showing support for the local op shops.

“The Social Club organises social events that are only successful if the community rallies together and gets involved – so tonight is a celebration of that and a way to say thank you,” Mr Conway said.

“We asked everyone to go out and buy something from local op shops as a way to give a little back to the community and show our support for them.

“We like to do our bit to help out and have fun while we’re doing it!”

The residents went all out with a ‘Dancing with the Stars’-like contest, skits, raffles and some good old jive and rock n’ roll in their funkiest and cheapest op shop threads.

Ingenia Lifestyle Community Manager Ann Blair said the social club’s monthly events are an added bonus on top of the regular social and lifestyle program that Ingenia Lifestyle runs throughout the year.

“When people consider downsizing in their retirement, community and an active social life is one of the biggest reasons for choosing somewhere like Plantations,” Ms Blair said.

“The ball was held at the community clubhouse, a regular haunt for many, and it’s always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and energy that the residents bring to these events.

“Across the community there’s such a friendly and welcoming feeling that’s created by the residents themselves and the opportunities that they get involved in together.

“In addition to the Social Club events, we run our Ingenia lifestyle and social program, Be Active, our residents are such a fun bunch and always up for a good time.”

To find out more about Plantations by Ingenia Lifestyle please visit here.