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Forever young: Over 50s encouraged to get moving

Australians are being urged to kickstart a healthier active lifestyle with studies showing moderate, regular exercise over a lifetime helps to keep the body decades younger.

This week is Exercise Right Week, an initiative by Exercise and Sports Science Australia, and this year’s theme – Active Aging – is encouraging older Australians to get moving to help maintain their independence and quality of life.

One active Australian, 62-year-old Michelle Collins, is known for setting an example of active living in her community, Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines, by regularly hitting the clubhouse gym and participating in line dancing classes.

“I am a true believer that if you are active and you exercise it helps keep you young and makes you feel happier and healthier,” Ms Collins said.

“A lot of older people worry about hurting themselves through exercise, but you can still go for a walk, at your own pace, or go for a swim – just get moving.

“Age shouldn’t define what you can and can’t do, there are so many health benefits so it’s worth just having a go.”

Ingenia Lifestyle encourages residents to live active lives through its Be Active program, which is a series of free monthly events, social engagements and wellness workshops.

“The Be Active program is a great way for residents to get out and get moving — especially if they are nervous about exercising alone,” Ms Collins said.

“Most of the activities are run during the day when I am at work, but I have done some aqua aerobics classes and intermediate line dancing classes before.

“When I retire and have more free time, I am going to get more involved with the Be Active program — until then I have the gym and my dancing!”

Ingenia Lifestyle were recently recognised for its active aging initiatives at the 2019 Ageing Asia Alliance’s Eldercare Innovation Awards, named as a finalist in the Facility of the Year – Ageing in Place award category.

Exercise Right Week is held from Monday 20 May until Sunday 26 May 2019 and aims to encourage all Australians to move more and age better.