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Eight ways an Ingenia Lifestyle home can boost your wellbeing

Australia has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It stands to reason ‘healthy ageing’ is such a key focus area for government, media and community, because after retirement, there’s still a lot of living to do! Unfortunately, despite leaving behind the stresses of work, mental and physical health challenges can undermine those golden years you’ve spent so many years looking forward to. So what can you do about it?

Thinking ahead can really help when it comes to your health and wellbeing in retirement. While nobody can predict what’s around the corner, there are a number of risk factors you can reduce with your lifestyle choices.

From staying social and keeping active, to stimulating your brain and doing things that make you happy; there are so many strategies you can implement in your life to increase your health and wellbeing. And incredibly, recent research has shown that living as part of a community in retirement can actually improve your health. That’s why we’ve compiled the top eight reasons we think a home in an Ingenia Lifestyle neighbourhood might very well be good for you:

1. Connection creates happiness

Staying social, particularly in retirement, is critical to good health. According to the Australian Loneliness Report, people who feel more lonely also report more health issues, from sleeping difficulties and infections to depression and anxiety. Meaningful connection can genuinely improve wellbeing – and what better way than a set of like-minded neighbours destined to become friends?

“Everyone likes to get out of the house sometimes. And having something to do, people to enjoy it with? That’s home.” – Nancy, Ingenia Lifestyle resident (Lakeside Lara)

2. The more you move, the more you improve

There are so many ways to keep active, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. You might be the sort who’s always been in tip-top shape; waking up with the crows and enjoying daily sunrise on your bike or on a long walk with your dog. But for many of us, the barriers to exercise can simply seem too big. Ingenia Communities are designed with many different people in mind, including the latter. With landscaping and paths designed to make walking locally a pleasure, and gorgeous locations where beach or bush walks are closeby, we’ve removed some of those hurdles that make exercise feel hard. And with resort-style facilities like a swimming pool, gym and a bowls green right at your fingertips, you’re in a great place to get moving.

3. Get those brain cells firing

Keeping your brain active as you age is so important to your health and wellbeing. Everything you do that relies on your cognitive abilities – from socialising to games and reading – contributes to keeping your mind young and healthy. When you’re part of a community like Ingenia, there are plenty of opportunities for brain training. In fact, aside from the usual casual social interactions you’ll enjoy each day, there are regular social events that are not only fun to participate in, they’re good for your brain!

4. Fuel your body

Staying healthy is greatly influenced by what you put on your plate. Good nutrition can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. And being part of a close-knit community means plenty of opportunity to pool together, show off your cooking skills, or enjoy trying something new! With quality, well-appointed kitchens the hallmark of Ingenia Lifestyle homes, and supermarkets close to all Ingenia locations, enjoying nutritious food has never been easier.

5. Keep your independence

Many seniors are hesitant about moving out of their family homes, even when the upkeep is a real pain. Why? Because independent living is an absolute priority. But the good thing about Ingenia Lifestyle homes is that while they’re part of a thriving community, they provide a personal sanctuary of independence. Our architecturally-designed, light-filled homes mean relaxing in your own space is a pleasure, especially knowing there’s a world of activity just outside your door when you need it.

“You’ve always got things to do and you can keep as busy or you can keep as private as you like.” – Tom, Ingenia Lifestyle Resident (Nature’s Edge, Buderim)

6. Stress less

No matter your age, stress and anxiety are unwelcome visitors. Reducing stress is especially important in your retirement as you set out to enjoy the things in life you’ve been waiting to have enough time for. Having a home in a safe and secure community, where you have everything you need at your fingertips means there’s less to worry about. And Ingenia Lifestyle’s land-lease financial model means removing the stress of exit fees and DMF, and the capital gains on your home are yours to keep.

7. Freedom to enjoy the things you love

When you think about your golden years, do you picture yourself travelling the country and enjoying the sunset with a mug of your favourite drink in hand? Fantastic! When you’ve got the security of a home within a community where you can lock up and leave (not to mention, caravan parking at some of our communities!), you’ve got the freedom to do some of the things you’ve been daydreaming about. And even when you’re at home you’ve got the freedom to enjoy what makes you smile – from inviting the grandkids to play to enjoying happy hour at the community clubhouse with your neighbours. And if what you love is a fluffy little ball of energy called Fido or Lucky, you’ll be pleased to know Ingenia communities are pet friendly.

8. A friendly ear to listen

The benefit of a community with friendly neighbours and a caring community manager who can put you in touch with support services like Ingenia Connect, means no matter what you’re going through, you’ve got someone to talk to. And that’s always a good first step.

An apple a day…

For decades we’ve heard the proverb ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and while good food certainly contributes to our health, looking after your wellbeing is a little more complicated than that. But by surrounding yourself with the good life – friendly faces, nutritious food, a place to call home and easy ways to get moving – you’re giving yourself the best chance to thrive in retirement.

Write your next chapter full of health, wellbeing and happiness at Ingenia Lifestyle.