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The Downsizing Decision Making Process

There are many things to consider when looking into downsizing to a lifestyle-oriented community, from budget, space and garden size to the type of lifestyle you’re looking forward to enjoying.

Whether it’s to save money, release equity or to avoid the burden of a large family home, downsizing comes with its rewards.

Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines residents Don and Helen Govan decided to downsize for two major reasons.

“It was only about 6-8 weeks before we moved to our community that we were robbed in our house and we lost our car and other belongings.

“Also there was a realisation that the old family home required too much work to maintain; so I knew it was time we had to downsize.”

“We don’t have to worry now. I think people leave downsizing too long and then your kids start to worry. I didn’t want the fear of having the kids to arrange our lives.

We wanted to have the power and choice on where we wanted to live – it was about us being proactive and not reactive,” Mrs Govan said.

“Now we get to look into travelling, having goals and plans, that’s what we wanted.”

Whether you’re ready to downsize or just starting your research, now is an opportune time to tour Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines. Call Lynda Ruddell on 0475 969 355 or visit