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Downsizers look local when buying

Downsizers are choosing to stay close to family and friends, with Ingenia Lifestyle reporting a spike in the number of residents who moved within a 20-kilometre radius of their homes.

Across the country, more than 20 per cent of Ingenia Lifestyle residents moved to Ingenia communities within their local area – a clear indication that many over 50s are looking to downsize near their family homes.

One community in particular is Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines in South East Queensland, where more than 55 per cent stayed within the local Logan area.

Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines Community Manager Ian Thompson said in his experience it was common for people to put off downsizing because they cannot find suitable housing in their local area.

“More than half of our residents were already locals before moving to Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines,” Mr Thompson said.

“They, like many other downsizers, want to be able to free up home equity and enjoy the benefits of downsizing – like less home maintenance and living in a community of like-minded people – without having to move away from their existing community, family and friends.

“By downsizing locally, many of our residents are still able to go to the same doctor, hairdresser and supermarket they have always gone to – by staying local they don’t have to start this chapter of their lives again.”

Two residents who moved locally from nearby Waterford West, Rodney and Lucy Cavernelis, decided to make the move in order to take advantage of all the benefits an over 50s community had to offer.

“Our home is perfect for us. We have a wonderful open entertaining space and as an added bonus we have access to great community facilities like the clubhouse and barbeque area,” Mrs Cavernelis said.

Although the decision to move from their family home of 30 years was difficult, Mrs Cavernelis said that from day one they have not looked back.

“This is the happiest we have been for a long time,” Mrs Cavernelis said.

“We love our community and aren’t weighed down by home maintenance – now we can just relax and actually enjoy our lives.”