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Creating community at Latitude One – Q&A with Community Manager

Q&A with Community Manager, Brendan Upcroft

Latitude One by Ingenia Lifestyle is fast becoming the hot spot for downsizers from Port Stephens and continues to prove popular with the over 55s from Sydney and surrounds.

We talked to Community Manager, Brendan Upcroft, about his role in creating community and why Latitude One is generating all the buzz.

Q: What does your role entail?
A: As the manager of the community my role goes as far as looking after the site and facilities, the maintenance of the resort spaces and the overall resident engagement for Latitude One. My day includes the regular day-to-day operational activities, but it is then mostly out and about with the majority of my focus on the residents, fielding their enquiries, asking questions or giving feedback and suggestions.

Q: What does it mean to create community?

A: For me, it means to continually look for opportunities for people to engage with one another in a supportive environment. The free social and lifestyle program, Be Active, has been a major success here and the new clubhouse has become the hub of the community, bringing them into the fold and engaging them in more activities.

Q: As the community manager, what gives you the most satisfaction?
A: When a resident expresses how happy they are at becoming part of the community. That gives me the most satisfaction. They have a brand new high-quality home, well-maintained streetscapes and a resort clubhouse, but there is also the opportunity to improve their life. It’s the fact that they have made the life choice to now live in a resort style community, living life just how they want to.

Q: What’s the best thing about welcoming new residents to Latitude One?
A: Their enthusiasm and excitement. Not only is it moving in to a brand new home, it’s their new lifestyle and how lucky they are to embrace their community as a whole.

Q: How is the new clubhouse changing the lives of the residents?
A: The clubhouse provides so many additional opportunities for our residents, for example there are some people who have not had a pool, so now they can exercise and relax and also use the gym. They have an extension of their living rooms with a large place they can meet in that’s not their home, so there’s no cleaning or maintenance in these large spaces because we take care of that for them. Often people refer to Latitude One like we’re living on a cruise ship with all the activities and social programs running. We have two pools which are pretty lush with a number of spaces to relax and enjoy everyone’s company.

Latitude One’s multi-million-dollar community clubhouse will officially open in February 2020. For more information on the event and on Latitude One please visit