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Carnival of Flowers lives on in Chambers Pines

More than three tonnes of roses, plants and flowers have been transplanted from Toowoomba to Logan by new Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines resident Lorraine Ferguson, who couldn’t part with her valuable rose bush collection.

Ms Ferguson moved to Ingenia Lifestyle from her large family home of over 30 years in Toowoomba, to be closer to her family in Brisbane.

“I loved my garden at my previous home and although I knew downsizing was the right move for me, I couldn’t bear to give up my rose garden,” Ms Ferguson said.

“One day I realised there was no reason I couldn’t just take my roses with me, so I hired a truck to dig up the roses and move them to Chambers Pines and my daughter’s house.

“We put them in pots so that we could easily move about 50 plants, which included 25 roses, to my new home – since then they have all come into full bloom.”

Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines Community Manager Ian Thompson said the little changes residents can make to their new houses are what makes them feel like they are at home.

“Many of our residents struggle with the decluttering element of downsizing,” Mr Thompson said.

“We understand some downsizers have lived in their previous home for decades and it can hold a lifetime of memories for them.

“Some residents – like Ms Ferguson – choose to incorporate parts of their old home into their new home in Ingenia Lifestyle to help with this transition.”

Now that Ms Ferguson has settled into her new home, she is happy with the decision to downsize and be closer to her loved ones.

“My family are now only twenty minutes away which has made a huge difference in our lives,” Ms Ferguson said.

“When I lived in Toowoomba, I was so far away, my daughter would need to take time off work to visit. Now I am just around the corner – I am so close she can just pop in after work on her way home.

“Although I have downsized, I still have enough room for my family to stay and best of all still have room for my roses.”

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