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Age not a factor when it comes to fitness

Proving age is no barrier when it comes to health and fitness, 70-year-old Wendy Houlihan has smashed the stereotype that seniors aren’t willing – or able – to live an active lifestyle.

Known in her community, Ingenia Lifestyle Stoney Creek, for always being out and about – Ms Houlihan aims to set a positive example for her neighbours who are hesitant to exercise.

As a part of her regular exercise regime, Ms Houlihan has been participating in and leading Tai Chi classes for nearly a decade.

“I have been going to Tai Chi classes for the past nine and a bit years now,” Ms Houlihan said.

“Tai Chi is technically a martial art, but it is also a form of meditation – we call it moving meditation.

“The classes I attend are for people of all ages and skill levels, meaning you can go at your own pace and not have to worry about keeping up with the class – the focus of Tai Chi is harnessing your mind, body and spirit.

“My instructor Sifu David even helped arrange a come and try class here for the residents. We did a normal class followed by morning tea where the fundamentals of Tai Chi were explained – it was a wonderful day.”

Ingenia Lifestyle encourages residents to live active and fulfilling lives through its Be Active program – a series of free monthly events, social engagements and wellness workshops.

Ingenia Lifestyle Stoney Creek Community Manager Suzanne Murphy said the Be Active program helped encourage residents to get moving, especially those nervous about exercising alone.

“The thought of exercise can be quite daunting for some of our residents,” Ms Murphy said.

“They may be nervous about injuring themselves, reactivating an old injury or they just may not know where to start.

“The Be Active program is fantastic because it provides a structure to exercise and doesn’t always have to be intense workouts – allowing our eager residents to stay fit while socialising with their neighbours.

“Our Be Active participants are the first to tell you age is definitely not a factor when it comes to fitness.”

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