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Age is no barrier to live an active life

Tackling the need to stay active, an Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines resident is using his decades of carpentry experience to lend a helping hand to his neighbours and take care of his own health and wellbeing.

Eighty-three-year-old, Ross Winchester was a builder and hard worker all his life and refuses to let age determine what he can and can’t do – spending the majority of his time working in his community’s Men’s Shed.

“As you get older it is imperative to fill your life with activities of interest – it is important to get out and about and be active,” he said.

“I am almost known as the handy man around here – getting tasked with little jobs like fixing leaking taps and hanging curtains.

“Most of my life I worked for myself, so I had to work hard and learn how to do ‘handy things’ around the home – which means I can now help others who don’t know how.”

Ingenia Lifestyle Village Manager Ian Thompson said Ross was incredibly popular in the community and loved to help other resident’s with their odd jobs for free – just charging for the cost of the materials.

“Ross doesn’t want to sit at home and do nothing, so he heads to the Men’s Shed to build,” Mr Thompson said.

“The men’s shed gives him the avenue to keep busy and to keep what was once his career now a lifelong hobby.

“It’s a value add to Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines to have him there fixing the small jobs and doing the nick-knack type of jobs around the community – plus everyone loves him.

“He is in the Men’s Shed all day, every day – we could even rename it ‘The Ross Winchester Community Shed’.”

Ingenia Lifestyle encourages residents to live active and social lives through its Be Active program – a series of free monthly events, social engagements and wellness workshops.

Mr Thompson said Ingenia Lifestyle was passionate about ensuring its residents stayed active and don’t become socially isolated.

“We are passionate about involving residents in community events, helping them meet new people and get out of their homes.

“Our Be Active program allows residents who want to try a new hobby or meet new friends an avenue to do just that.

“It’s important for our residents to stay active and feel involved and welcome in the community – having residents like Ross in our community puts a smile on everyone’s face.”