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A sense of ‘brie-longing’ at Lakeside Lara

There are few things more enjoyable in life than sharing wine and cheese with good friends. This was certainly true of the recent wine and cheese event at Lakeside Lara – where friends old and new enjoyed a sense of belonging (or ‘brie-longing’ as we like to say) while sampling some of life’s finest things at the Community Clubhouse.

The event was hosted by del Rios winery, and attendees were treated to share platters of cheese to try while Lin from the family-owned vineyard explained the different varieties of wine on offer for tasting.

Lakeside Lara staff enjoyed the day as much as residents, too. “I enjoyed the wine and cheese, I’ll always make time for that!” said Community Manager Peter Hinck.

Soon-to-be residents and people considering the move also joined the community fun to see what life at Lakeside Lara is all about.

“The highlight was seeing everyone being so social,” said Lakeside Lara Sales Manager Dianna McGrath. “Residents were even taking new attendees on mini tours of the community.”

The wine and cheese event is an example of the fun resident and guest occasions run at Lakeside Lara, with this year’s successful Bake-Off event recipes now forming part of a charity cook-book.

If you would like to join our residents and friends at our next social event, feel free to reach out to Dianna on 0476 839 644, or pop into our sales office Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm.

We’d love to have you.