Your downsizing shopping list

Exploring your downsizing options – visiting display homes, speaking to sales consultants, attending community events – can help you understand what you need and what you REALLY want. By assessing all the options, you will be more confident when making the final choice about your new lifestyle.

Start to look around, narrow down your shopping list of options and take the community on a test drive. When you do, we recommend you ask the following questions:

What’s the community vibe?

Attend the open days, pop in for a tour of the community and RSVP to the event invitations. Talk to the sales manager, the village manager, the staff and residents to find out more about it.

What’s the home product like?

Inspect the display homes, find out the prices and floor plan designs, ask about the builder, the quality of materials, fixtures and fittings, the color schemes, find out what’s included for the prices, or what’s not if it’s a fully styled display home.

What do other people say?

Go to the website, look at their social media channels and see what people are commenting about. Watch and read the residents testimonials to find out what the lifestyle is really like from the residents who live there.

What does the community offer for you?

Does the community include a care and wellbeing program for residents or for when you might need it in the future? Are there any free social programs that provide valuable, fun networking opportunities?

What extra services are available?

Is there a village bus to help with access to the local community? How much maintenance is carried out by the community’s ground staff, is there a caravan and boat storage in the community?

Can you lock and leave to travel?

Is there security and community management if you want to lock and leave your home and have someone there to check in on things?


Use our Downsizing Shopping List to understand what you want, what you really need and to assess your options.

You will be more confident when making the final choice if you understand what’s important to you.