The seven pillars of lifestyle living

Living a healthy, fulfilling life does not happen by accident. It takes your own commitment to structure more wellness, freedom, happiness and purpose into your every day.

Ingenia Lifestyle has identified seven pillars of successful lifestyle living so you can embrace your new lifestyle.

By combining seven foundations of living with purpose, you remain focussed on the more important things in your life.

Ingenia’s seven pillars of lifestyle living are:

1. Community

Discover more time to grow your community connections, memberships or participate in social groups and volunteering.

2. Purpose

Establish a daily purpose to develop a stronger focus on your physical and mental productivity. Take lifestyle living at your own pace or get involved in any events and activities facilitated by community management.

3. Learning

Share your talents, repurpose past skills or uncover a hidden talent with a new hobby. Your newfound learnings will help you to enjoy a brighter future with more knowledge under your belt.

4. Friendships

Open yourself up to friendships and create new connections with your neighbours and community.

5. Health and wellbeing

Continue living and independent, healthy and active life. A holistic approach to living your best life will give you more control in the years ahead.

6. Freedom

Celebrate your lifestyle with the local u and leave opportunities that come with lifestyle living. Travel for recreation or visit family and friends knowing you live in a secure community with neighbours to look over your new home.

7. Values

It’s time to relax and experience new memories with the peace of mind that will help immerse you into a new lifestyle.