Why community living can help keep the post-Christmas blues away

Discover how community living can keep the good times rolling long after Santa has disappeared into the distance for another year.

For many of us, the festive season delivers a diary jam-packed with catch-ups, cracker-opening and celebrations. It’s the type of schedule that’s a source of excitement and enjoyment for some and a cause of stress for others – but, either way, it’s usually a busy time of year.

No surprises then that after Christmas has been and gone, some people can be left feeling a little, well, flat. That and lonely – once the friends and family they spent the festive season with go back to business as usual for another year.

But it’s also true that for some Australians – and particularly older Australians – Christmas can be a time that only serves to emphasise their existing feelings of social isolation, and these emotions can continue to grow long after December 25 has disappeared into the rear-view mirror.

Whether you fall into either category, living in a supportive environment, like the ones residents of Ingenia communities enjoy, could just be the answer.

Consistency is key

Christmas is certainly made the most of at every Ingenia community. On top of a multitude of parties and carolling sessions, there are also activities such as decorating competitions and Christmas auctions. “Most of our communities also host a Christmas lunch on the Christmas Day for residents who don’t have friends or family to share the day with,” says Nicole Jentz, Ingenia’s General Manager of Residential Communities.

But it’s what happens after Christmas that helps protect residents from experiencing any of that post-festive slump described earlier. The social events – albeit less tinsel-tinged – just carry right on. “The consistency of the connection amongst residents that our communities encourage is quite unique,” says Jentz. “Every community is different, but as well as simply being surrounded by like-minded people, there’s usually up to four or five different social events on offer every day.

“It’s very much up to the individual how involved they do or don’t get in those events, but the fact that they run week in, week out is something our residents enjoy and appreciate, regardless of how much of an active social life they have outside of the community.”

 Bring your interests to the party

The other great thing is that even though the list of existing social events and activities is impressively long and varied, you’re not limited to those when you become  A resident at an Ingenia Lifestyle over 55 community.

“To a large extent, we rely quite heavily on our residents to drive a community’s social program,” says Jentz. “We welcome new suggestions and are always very keen to introduce new clubs, groups and activities so we can incorporate as many aspects of a community as possible – and so that we keep things new and fresh for residents.”

It’s a way of life that takes the emphasis off the one month of the year that’s traditionally cause for celebration and helps every month of the year deliver a dose of fun and festivity, instead. So who needs Santa?


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