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What is Active Senior Living?

After winding down their work commitments, most senior Australians are making quite a number of decisions to transition themselves into their next life stage.

With the majority of us in good health and living longer, “Active Ageing” presents greater opportunities to keep participating in the community for longer while looking forward to a more engaged senior lifestyle.

One major decision Ingenia Lifestyle residents are making is to downsize to a more sustainable housing solution where active seniors can free up the money that was tied up in a big home they no longer needed and make plans for an exciting and fun-filled life.

Who are active seniors?

– Active seniors normally fit in the 50 – 85 age bracket and are able to live independently and make important decisions about their future
– Unless essential, active seniors do not require an aged care facility with round-theclock medical staff and catering services
– Australia’s active seniors find the perfect way to keep a social circle around them is by living in an active lifestyle estate
– Active seniors require flexible living options with minimal upkeep, leaving more time to enjoy life and less time worrying about maintenance or mounting bills
– After freeing up equity from their home, active seniors can make travel plans to do that round-trip of Australia or head overseas. Others are starting a new hobby or ticking something off their bucket list
– They value security, safety, and access to nearby services as well as being part of a community of like-minded friends.