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The not so grey, grey nomads influencing home design

Caravanning culture is on the rise in Australia as more over 55s choose to travel and experience life on their own terms.

The Caravan and Camping Industry Association (CCIA) reported in February that there are more than 679,000 currently registered RVs currently on the road – a figure that has consistently increased year-on-year since 2011 – suggesting a rise in the number of people deciding to hit the open road.

This rising caravanning culture in Australia has been linked to an increase in younger, wealthier and more active retirees from the Baby Boomer generation looking to take on the ‘grey nomad’ lifestyle and enjoy all that the Australian outback and coastline has to offer.

This trend has spilled into the community planning and home design industry with developers purposely including space for RVs in master plans to accommodate active travellers within their residential cohort.

One such developer is Ingenia Lifestyle, which in early 2019 released a new range of homes that include space for residents to store an RV or caravan.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer Nikki Fisher said Ingenia Lifestyle recognised the rise of the caravanning culture and decided to meet the increased need for these designs in its over 55s lifestyle communities.

“Many of our residents have chosen to downsize to free up equity from their property and reduce their home maintenance – enabling them to spend more time enjoying lifestyle pursuits,” Ms Fisher said.

“For many downsizers, more money and more time is allowing them to purchase their dream RV or caravan and travel across the country.

“A number of our residents have the option to store their caravan in a secure communal carpark.

“Many new residents are also taking advantage of our home designs that includes caravan space.”

Further showing the rise of caravanning culture, Ingenia Lifestyle and Apollo RV Sales partnered up to give away a free caravan and received over 8,000 entries from keen grey nomads looking for their next adventure.

Winners of the new $48,000 Apollo Caravan, Allan and Bronwyn Meehan, have been avid caravaners for years and after retiring at the start of the year have continued the hobby.

“Bronwyn and I started caravanning years ago and before retiring we were lucky enough to able to go on lots of holidays and explore Australia,” Mr Meehan said.

“Luckily for us, Australia is huge and there are so many hidden gems to find so who knows where we are going to end up next.

“This year we have already done a couple of short trips for about a week at a time.

“We love being on the road – having our own caravan means we can pack up and go whenever and wherever we want.”