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The Downsizing Decision

If you’re thinking about downsizing and unsure of what the best option is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Australia is experiencing a tidal wave of over 55s planning the next steps in their future looking at what the best downsizing decision is to suit their preferences.

With a variety of options to choose from, it’s important for downsizers to understand and compare all the housing alternatives and consider what’s best.

Options range from ageing-in-place or moving in with family through to private rental, apartment living, purchasing an existing property or building a new house and land package, lifestyle over 55s communities or the traditional retirement village / aged care model.

All come with pros and cons for each individual, however, the increasingly popular option gaining a strong foothold in the over 55s lifestyle living space is the land lease ownership model.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer, Nikki Fisher, said land lease living introduces a whole new housing concept to over 55s that’s suitable for all types of downsizers, whether they’re still working or already enjoying their golden years.

“Ingenia Lifestyle clients purchase a brand new home, the majority of times up to half of the median average house price in the region, and lease the land without having to pay stamp duty on the transaction.

“Additionally, adding to the simplicity and transparency of the land lease model, if or when it comes time to leave, there are no exit/DMF fees, no sharing of capital gains and no refurbishment fees that you’d normally find in a retirement village,” Nikki said.

The success of the model has positioned Ingenia Lifestyle as Australia’s leading developer in land lease communities while creating a more sustainable future for those considering their retirement options.

“We’re thrilled to be evolving the land lease model into lifestyle resorts with multi-million dollar clubhouses set within master planned streetscapes and sub-tropical gardens along with architect-designed homes, stunning facades and well-thought out interiors.

“Ingenia Lifestyle understands our clients have spent a lifetime working hard, raising a family and paying off the mortgage and now they’re putting themselves first and starting to do more of what they love,” Nikki said.