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New year, new you!

With the New Year now upon us, it is a wonderful time to reassess your situation and tackle important personal challenges such as money, health, and lifestyle.

1. Finances – create your 2020 budget
Despite owning your own home, and possibly receiving a pension and superannuation payments, it’s very possible for seniors to have an insufficient cash flow to live the lifestyle they prefer. Budgeting is vital.

2. Health – get a 2020 health check
Staying on top of your health has never been more important than when you reach retirement age, you’ve worked so hard your whole life for this moment, so you want to be fit and able to live it to the fullest! Ensuring you live in the best location to have easy access to medical facilities and programs is imperative for senior wellbeing.

3. Maintenance – reduce your workload in 2020
Home maintenance is a chore at any age, so seeking ways to alleviate any unnecessary burden with home maintenance will leave you more time to enjoy and less strain on your health.

4. Lifestyle – put yourself first in 2020
After more than 40 years in the workforce and raising a family, retirement should be a time for doing what you love whether that is travelling, staying fit, or keeping social. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s important for overall wellbeing in retirement.

Ingenia General Manager Care Development, Janene Eagleton, urges Australian Seniors to talk with their loved ones about these important issues going into the New Year.

“It’s important to create an open and honest dialogue with your loved ones as it can be easy to dance around topics such as finances.”

As challenges with finances, health, and lifestyle arise, there may be opportunities that can alleviate these challenges for seniors. Ingenia Lifestyle’s award-winning land lease ownership model allows downsizers to sure up their finances, with an affordable housing solution that also allows them to live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle. Happy Days!