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The new BE ACTIVE! social and lifestyle program commences

Ingenia Lifestyle is excited to introduce a new social and lifestyle program into our communities aimed at keeping residents healthy, active and entertained.

The BE ACTIVE! program has been introduced to enhance the lives of residents with monthly events, social engagements and health and wellness workshops run by Ingenia Lifestyle’s community management, with help from the resident social committees.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer, Nikki Fisher, said the events-based lifestyle program focuses on six key event types and has been well received by residents.

“The feedback received was that the program is supporting, improving and maintaining the lifestyle benefits of residents, helping us to create stronger, healthier and more social communities.

“There’s BE PLAYFUL! for games and activities; BE WELL! with health and wellness activities and workshops; BE WELCOMED! meet and greet events for existing and new residents; BE SOCIAL! with parties and social events for residents; BE ENTERTAINED! includes events and excursions; and BE INFORMED! is for our resident forums and community updates.

“The exercise classes, the welcome morning teas, trivia and bingo have all been a big success and we are very lucky to have a wonderful group of residents in each community who assist and drive many of the programs,” Nikki said.

Secretary of the Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania social committee, Lynette Ward said along with the BE ACTIVE! program there are also many other activities to take part in on a daily or weekly basis.

“There are many social hours, exercises, swimming when weather permits, craft and chat, dog walking or puppy sitting, and just chatting with neighbours.

“You get a new perspective on life and you get to know lots of your neighbours who have the same interests and aspects on this lifestyle,” Lyn said.

The BE ACTIVE! program has a well-rounded calendar of events and activities and has helped residents establish and build connections, growing the happiness index within Ingenia Lifestyle’s communities.

“The BE ACTIVE! program is a great success and now means we can focus on delivering on Ingenia’s vision, to create community,” Nikki said.

Hear what our residents are saying…
“The residents are really enjoying the BE ACTIVE! program. We particularly enjoyed the Circuit Class. Love life, love Ingenia.”
Margaret – Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines

“Monthly bus tours, Thursday bingo, Saturday movie days. We all have a chit chat, a laugh and it’s good!”
Vincent & Kerry – Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange

“Bingo for me is a great way to meet people in the village.”
Kerry – Ingenia Lifestyle Ettalong Beach


Hear what our village managers are saying …
“The BE ACTIVE! program has been well supported at Hunter Valley. The activities allow the residents to get engaged and think of their health and wellbeing. The calendar of fun filled events brings happiness to our community.”
Renae Procter – Park Manager, Ingenia Hunter Valley

“The BE ACTIVE! program is a ‘big hit’ at Bethania. The organised activities are very popular, especially trivia type activities, and the biggest success has been the  welcome by residents and staff at the Be Welcomed Morning Teas.”
Linda Thompson – Village Manager, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania

“BE ACTIVE! has provided additional activities and also provided activities that residents may not usually participate in. Every time a BE ACTIVE! program has been provided everyone has enjoyed themselves.”
Bethany Jones – Village Manger, Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange