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$33,000 in matched giving to farmers

Ingenia shared the love with drought-stricken farmers with $33,000 in donations distributed to drought-relief charities Rural Aid and Drought Angels.

The impressive contribution from Ingenia residents and staff nation-wide were matched dollar for dollar by Ingenia and evenly split between the two charity organisations. Rural Aid General Manager Wayne Thomson was presented with a $16,500 cheque on Thursday 14 February as he joined in the Valentine’s Day lunch celebrations with staff in Ingenia’s Brisbane office.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer Nikki Fisher said she was grateful to those involved in the planning and fundraising.

“The spirited fundraising, baking of yummy treats, dressing up like farmers and sharing stories of farming experiences has been amazing,” Nikki said.

“It has been humbling and heart-warming to see Ingenia help out two truly worthwhile causes.”

In August 2018, Ingenia joined the Fiver for a Farmer movement to help raise vital funds for farming communities suffering through Australia’s worst drought.

Rural Aid General Manager Wayne Thomson also visited the local Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines community to thank Community Manager Ian Thompson and residents for their efforts.

Mr Thomson said while the drought had taken its toll, it had brought Australians together.

“With some rural towns in their eighth year of drought, life on the land has become very tough,” Mr Thomson said.

“Small children are being kept home from school in some cases to help around the farm, as there is no money to employ staff.

“Sometimes there is no need to even turn on the refrigerator as there is only donated tin food and there is no water from the tap as the tank is empty.

“This amazing effort from Ingenia will positively change lives,” he said

Ingenia Lifestyle residents frequently come together to celebrate, recognise and support a variety of causes and charities. Each community has wonderful residents who donate their gold coins, time, talent, skills and motivation to support local, national and international groups. The ‘Be Charitable’ component of our BeActive program is all about giving both time and energy to give-back in different ways.

Ingenia Communities encourages this type of culture, both within the communities and across the employees and staff.  Through Ingenia Aspire, the organisation finds ways to support with time, money and materials for a variety of projects and activities.

It’s a great feeling to be involved and participate for the benefit of others…