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Maintain Independence and Tackle Housing Affordability

Housing affordability isn’t just a concern for young adults, with many senior Australians facing the same frightening reality as they look to downsize into more age-specific housing.

Increasing costs to move and taxes such as stamp duty, combined with a number of social factors, put women, in particular, at a greater risk of housing stress.

Lower savings and superannuation, divorce in later life, higher life expectancy and pay disparities are other significant factors which put purchasing an affordable home often out of reach for many single older women.

Ingenia Lifestyle is a good example of where housing diversity is working, citing a high percent of residents being single women who have downsized to a smaller home, maintained their independence and security, while increasing their social networks.

Ingenia Chief Operating Officer, Nikki Fisher, said creating safe and welcoming communities for residents was paramount, with many communities housing a high percentage of single older women.

“Older women are more likely than any other age group to be living in lone person households and our communities in Morisset NSW and Lara Victoria are prime examples with more than 40 percent of our residents being single women.

“We are debunking the myth that suitable housing for downsizers doesn’t exist, with our communities designed to help residents thrive and maintain their vital community connections,” Nikki said.

One Victorian senior who downsized to Ingenia Lifestyle Lara in Victoria was Dianne Johnson, who downsized after a change in circumstances.

“Just knowing that I could actually afford a brand new home was such a relief, but the added benefit of leasing the land and the access to the wonderful facilities has given me a brand new lifestyle,” Dianne said.

“Purchasing a home here was made so much easier knowing there were no hidden fees, I was able to plan my future and move somewhere where I felt safe, secure and financially independent.

New South Wales retiree Melody George said the security of Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange enabled her to travel more and enjoy her retirement.

“When my husband Bill was sick we chose to move into the Ingenia community in Morisset as it was a safe, secure and friendly community that I would be happy in on my own,” Ms George said.

“Security was paramount to me when choosing my home, as I am by myself now I needed somewhere I felt secure and could lock up and leave to go traveling without the worry of someone breaking in.”