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Local Men’s Shed building awareness for Men’s Health

Men at Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange have rallied together in a bid to break down the stigma surrounding mental and physical health for men, which also coincided with Men’s Health Week in June.

The Australia wide campaign encourages communities and organisations to come together, raise awareness and discuss some of the key health issues facing men.

Village Manager Bethany Jones said residents were passionate about generating as much awareness as they could to help put a stop to the stigma surrounding men’s health.

“Men’s Health Week helps to shine a light on some of the key health issues facing men and how we need to be talking about these, not just this week, but year-round.

“Here at The Grange, our male residents banded together to start their own men’s shed as a way to build friendships and to encourage more men to talk about their health – they also keep themselves busy with handy projects around the community, such as restoring furniture.”

“Our community’s Men’s Shed has become a popular gathering for residents to get together, check in on both your physical and mental health, and have a cuppa and a chat with each other.

Resident of Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange, 68-year-old Phillip Tengdahl, said the group started seven years ago to create a sense of camaraderie within the community.

“Getting together has created a lifeline for some of the men, this camaraderie group will last a life time – the Men’s Shed allows us to interact with others who are at the same stage of life as us.

“Men don’t always know how to reach out, so having a place where we can regularly catch up means we can check in and build new friendships with our neighbours.

“I never really thought about men’s health and the stigma around it – I always thought “she’ll be right”, but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with type two diabetes that I really read up on the importance of men’s health. It was shocking to know that statistically, men die younger,” Phil said.