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How to be Social Media Savvy

With families increasingly spread across the country – or the world – social media can be a fantastic way to keep in touch.

For all the benefits of using social media however, it’s important to also know the risks. Like any public forum where you are sharing information with a mass audience, it’s critical to be mindful of who might have access to your activities and protect yourself appropriately.

To help keep yourself safe, here are three things to keep in mind next time you indulge in some social networking.

1. Know that social media is never private
Although your social media accounts may be set to private, this isn’t always a foolproof method to keep your information safe. The lesson here is simply to be mindful of all information you share, particularly photographs or personal contact details.

2. Make sure your location is under wraps
Many social media tools like Facebook and Instagram allow the user to ‘check in’ to various locations and see where their friends have been. From popular tourist attractions to favourite restaurants, this can be a very popular feature for those wanting to share their experiences with their friends. With this in mind, be careful about ‘checking in’ at common locations or when you are away on holiday to avoid people knowing your home is currently empty!

3. Be mindful of fake promotions
Every now and then you might see a post in your newsfeed offering a deal or competition which seems too good to be true. While many brands do run legitimate competitions on social media, it’s a good idea to check which page is running the promotion before you do enter, and check certain tell-tale signs that it might be a fake. Other red flags that might indicate a fake promotion include incorrect spelling or being asked to provide bank or credit card details. Keep an eye on The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch website for the latest scams doing the rounds.