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Hervey Bay residents seas the day

Known for its sunshine and clear waters, Hervey Bay is the fourth most popular retirement destination in Australia and retirees at Ingenia Lifestyle Hervey Bay are capitalising on coastal living with the launch of a new community boat.

The 4.9-metre-long Quintrex 490 Renegade boat will see residents living a life of leisure on the bay and is available for use by all licenced resident boaties.

Ingenia Lifestyle Hervey Bay is only a seven-minute drive from the main marina boat ramp, and the community is champing at the bit to hit the water.

Rob and Jacquie Chappell are new residents and over the years have owned six boats – the experienced boaters can’t wait to fire up the motor.

“Whilst we were already set on moving here, we were thrilled to know there would be a boat we could use as we don’t have one anymore,” Mr Chappell said.

“Sharing a boat with a community is a great way to make the most of it. We don’t have to worry about maintenance, running costs or storage – we can just take it out for a ride whenever the weather is nice.

“Hervey Bay is a fantastic spot for boating. You’re never more than about two nautical miles from land and you’re not out on the open ocean – people can feel confident that they’re a lot safer.”

The Chappell’s are keen to get to know their neighbours more, and plans are already being made amongst the residents to take the boat out to Fraser Island for regular picnic trips.

The over-50’s community are proving that retirement doesn’t mean having to slow down – with residents looking to make the most of their free time both on land and at sea.

Ingenia Lifestyle Hervey Community Manager Linda Nichols said that a major priority for the community was offering a range of lifestyle opportunities for residents.

“Our residents come from all walks of life and have different interest, so allowing them to prioritise, leisure, lifestyle and friendships in their own ways is so important,” Ms Nichols said.

“The setting of Hervey Bay is what draws people to the area, so embracing what it has to offer − the bay itself − is what sparked the idea to introduce a community boat.

The Ingenia Lifestyle Hervey Bay community was joined yesterday by the volunteer Marine Rescue and Boat Licencing team, Boab Boats, to teach the residents about boat use, safety and how to become properly licenced to use the boat.