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Hand knitted donations to comfort rescue and wildlife animals

Kind hearted and caring residents at Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange have been hard at work, knitting speciality items for injured, sick and abandoned animals in need.

The range of wildlife pouches and post-surgery comfort items are gifted to local associations to help comfort and support animals.

The group dubbed Daisymae Creations currently supports 77 vets and wildlife rescue groups throughout Australia, including local charities RSPCA Somersby and Dog Rescue Newcastle.

Residents have spent many hours designing and knitting a range of surgical socks, wildlife pouches, cocoons, beds and toys for animals as they undergo treatments.

Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange resident, Karen, formed the group earlier this year, and the number of residents who donate their time and skills has grown to 20, in addition to several other local volunteers who support the group.

Ingenia Lifestyle The Grange Village Manager, Bethany Jones, said the hand-made comfort items form part of a larger box of hand stitched items donated to a range of animal charities, which is organised by Karen.

“The residents love to knit and crochet and what better way to put their quick knitting skills to use while donating to a worthy cause.

“Knitting the items is a great way for our residents to have a chat and catch-up,” Bethany said.

In addition, the Daisymae Creations group also provides knitted beanies, scarves and leg warmers to two charities in Victoria who provide the items to the homeless.

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