Bethania | Resident Stories

Energetic downsizers keep the community spirit moving at Bethania

Residents at Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania know how to live an active lifestyle in their pet-friendly community, where health and wellness is a top priority.

Village Manager Linda Thompson said residents really embrace healthy living and they strive to maintain their active lifestyles – including by starting a dog walking group for everyone in the community to enjoy.

“The daily walks around the community are just one of the many ways in which the residents and their canine friends socialise and remain connected.

“With such a tranquil setting, residents have the perfect location to have a chat while staying active, there are even a few challenging inclines that give them and their dogs a real work out,” Linda said.

Founding member of the dog walking group, Ingenia Lifestyle Bethania resident Reenie Butler, said the group is so well known that more than 10 residents participate every day.

“We love walking around the beautiful streetscapes. It’s quiet, clean and we know we feel safe to walk around on our own.

“We all walk at our own pace and then meet up at the pergola near the river so our dogs can play – and of course get a few treats.

“Whenever new residents move in, we always make an effort to invite them to come and join. It’s a fantastic way for them to meet the rest of the community and stay fit and healthy,” Rennie said.

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