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Bring Your Pet to Your New Ingenia Lifestyle Home

Since we know how important furry companions are for both emotional and physical wellbeing, small animals are more than welcome in most of our Ingenia communities.

However, just as it can be for people, moving can be an emotional experience for some pets, especially those who have lived in the current family home for most of their lives.

Below are some tips to make moving as seamless and pleasant as possible for your furry or winged friend.

Be patient
You may be surprised (and annoyed) to find your normally toilet-trained cat or dog has a few accidents inside your brand new home. It could take a few days for them to get used to the new situation, so be forgiving. Make sure you take them outside regularly so they get used to their new space, learn where the door is and
have plenty of opportunity to use the toilet. Wait for a week or so to put down rugs or mats to make sure they’re not ruined while your pet gets used to their new home.

Say hello
This one is important for both you and your pet (especially dogs). Make sure you introduce your pet to your neighbours – especially those with their own pets. Your dog will definitely be able to sense and smell another dog in the area, which may lead to unwanted barking or whining. By familiarising them to one another
from the very start, you’ll be less likely to encounter any noise issues. While your pups are getting to know one another, why not plan a daily walk or game of fetch with your neighbour and their pet? Alternatively, suggest a weekly play date for all the dogs in the estate – it will wear them out quickly and it will ensure they
don’t get lonely or bored.

Take it slow
It might seem easy to give your pet run of the house while you’re busy settling in, but it’s best to let them get accustomed to small sections of their new home at a time. The laundry or bathroom is a great place to start. It’s also important to keep them occupied while they get used to the new space, so invest in some hardy toys to make sure they don’t chew or claw anything of value (like the new couch).