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Australia’s first community targeting a Green Star Homes rating for healthy, energy efficient, resilient homes

Ingenia Lifestyle Springside is targeting a Green Star Homes rating, which will set a ground-breaking new standard in eco-friendly, healthy living for retirement communities.

A Green Star rated home is built to the standard set by the Green Building Council of Australia and assessed against three categories essential for the future. Each category plays a role to ensure our homes are better for today, and tomorrow.

This means we’re working to deliver a home where residents can expect a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle that enhances their wellbeing and won’t cost the earth.

Downsizing the cost of living, upsizing comfort & health

A range of innovative, sustainable features come standard with Ingenia Lifestyle Springside homes that make it cheaper to run while increasing residents’ at-home comfort.

Key features include:

  • Heat recovery ventilation system to supply fresh air and remove stale air without losing heat.
  • Airtight home to prevent draughts, provide a comfortable temperature and reduce energy costs.
  • Rooftop solar panels to meet up to 90% of household energy demand (Source: Arup).
  • At least 7.5 star NatHERS thermal performance rating, which requires less energy to heat and cool the home.
  • All electric appliances that are safer and more efficient.
  • Double glazed windows and thermally efficient frames to reduce heat escaping in winter and entering in summer, and reduce noise.
  • Hot water heat pump which is 5 times more efficient than gas (Source: Arup)
  • Recycled water pipe for gardening, lowering water bills.
  • Efficient fixtures to reduce water use and costs.
  • LED lights for efficient and ‘flicker free’ lighting.
  • Most homes will have light coloured roofs to reduce summer heat.
  • Roof ventilation to control roof temperature and prevent mould growth.
  • All homes will be battery and EV ready.
  • A shared community electric car and e-bikes.

An inclusive, liveable community

Ingenia Lifestyle Springside is also targeting a 5-star Green Star Communities rating, which demonstrates Australian excellence in sustainability and liveability.

The community will have its own embedded network which acts as a mini power grid to supply its own renewable energy. This reduces the need to pull from the normal grid, resulting in low energy bills.

Cutting energy costs

Living in a Green Star Home also helps to lower the cost of living by reducing energy use by up to 56%, equating to bill savings of between $90-$140 per month – that’s more than $1,000 a year. (Source: KPMG Cost Benefit Analysis of the Green Star Homes Standard, August 2023, commissioned by GBCA).

And did you know a sustainable home can also attract a higher price premium compared to a traditional house, potentially reaping even higher capital gains when the time comes to sell.

Homes built to last

Residents will also be able to rest easy knowing they can age-in-place in a high quality home that is built to last. Ingenia Lifestyle Springside homes are made from environmentally friendly materials including non-toxic carpet and paint, renewable pine, slab edge insulation, engineered weatherboard, Colorbond roof and green concrete, ensuring dwellings are built to the highest sustainable standards.

Occupants will also experience an enhanced quality of life from a well-ventilated, cosier, quieter home with plenty of fresh air while preventing moisture, dust, mould and pollutants that can have harmful health effects.

A shared responsibility for our planet

Ingenia’s commitment to creating sustainable communities enables residents to live their best life, tread lightly on the planet and save money. We all have a shared responsibility to care for the environment, and living in Ingenia Lifestyle Springside contributes to a greener future for residents, their children and grandchildren.